Used Ford Explorer for Sale in Hallstead

Make Your Purchase a Success with a Used Ford Explorer

Buying a used Ford Explorer will make for a great purchase at Simmons-Rockwell Ford of Hallstead. We love this model and offer a range of options throughout our used inventory. Whether you are a daily driver or need a quality ride for weekend road trips, this is an excellent choice to make.

At our Hallstead dealership, we aim to make the used-SUV shopping experience easier for anyone that walks through our doors. Not only do we have impressive models like the Ford Explorer, but we also have professional services for you to utilize at every step.


The Ford Explorer is perfect for the constant traveler or family-friendly driver. The functionality of this vehicle focuses on the interior quite a bit. You can find plenty of cargo space throughout this model, making it easy to pack any luggage or gear that needs to come along for your ride.

Not only is the cargo space large, but there is also enough head/legroom for every passenger to get comfortable. Size is one of the main draws of a modern SUV, and the Explorer delivers it in spades.


Not only will a used Ford Explorer get the group where they need to go, but it will handle the roads with confidence. These models bring robust engine options that are capable of high amounts of horsepower and torque. That powerful performance that Ford is so well known for makes the Explorer an exciting SUV to drive.

The used Ford Explorer options in our inventory also come with a range of capability features. From towing upgrades to drive mode selectors, there is a lot to take advantage of when choosing this model. The Ford Explorer will bring you capability unlike any other SUV you've had before.


This Ford has always turned heads. The design of the Explorer is both confident and sophisticated. When you see your next used Ford Explorer, you will notice the tall stance and rugged details. These features come together to make a look that any SUV-lover can appreciate. Wherever the road takes you in this new Ford Explorer, you will impress the other drivers there with you.

How Buying a Used Ford Benefits You

The Ford Explorer has been a fan-favorite for years. This model is functional, capable, and stylish, making it the complete package for any driver in the area. Ford always makes tough rides, but the Explorer is a stunning example of that quality. You get years of reliability when buying a used Ford Explorer, making it a smart investment for your next used vehicle.

Another benefit is working with our financial department. At Simmons-Rockwell Ford of Hallstead, we have a team of finance experts who know just how to make this Explorer fit your budget. This comprehensive care will make your used-SUV purchase feel a whole lot easier.

Our Online Retailing Tools

To further our commitment to quality shopping, we have a range of online retailing tools. Whether you like to shop online or have a busy work schedule, these tools are here to get your experience started. You can browse our used Ford Explorer options, apply for financing, or even schedule a maintenance appointment, all from the comfort of your couch!

Come Check Out Your Next Used Ford Explorer Today

When you choose our Hallstead dealership, you are choosing a used-SUV shopping experience unlike any other. We bring many professional services to our customers so that they leave knowing they got an excellent purchase. That is what sets us apart from the crowd and makes customers continue to choose us. So, visit soon and start your process by test driving one of these used Ford Explorer options.

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